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Saturday, January 30, 2021

How Long Until Health Care and 65+ Americans Are Vaccinated?

My quick and dirty calculations. If you see any mistakes let me know - it is certainly possible.

It took us about a month to get 7% of the US population inoculated with their first jab.  The total USA population of Health Care Workers and 65+ people is about 27% of our total population so it follows that it will likely take another 3 months or so to get all of us vaccinated.

And of course much longer to protect the entire country and the world. Of course our vaccine production and administration will no doubt improve and become substantially faster over time.

We are all hoping that the virus does not mutate and become more deadly and/or resistant to the vaccine.

In the meantime keep doing what we did in 1918 and what we should be doing now.

Maintain social distance

Avoid Groups

Wear good Masks

Wash carefully

Keep your friends and social contacts

Exercise, eat healthy and avoid depression

Keep Sending Emails!

This Too Shall Pass


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