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Monday, January 4, 2021

Personal Impacts of Covid-19

Much of our assessment of the impacts of Covid-19 relate to our own personal experience.  The average person ( we are all well above average!) knows 500 to 800 people (various sources).  I suppose gregarious people know more people.

Covid-19 has killed over 1 in 1,000 Americans to date. So by random luck you may not know anyone who died from Covid or you may know one or more.  And of course this affects your assessment of the danger.

We know one person who died from Covid, and he was not a close friend.  My best Marine friend was intubated Nov 17, and totally sedated until a week ago. I talked to him last week for the first time - I talked - he could not talk, and his wife held the phone to his ear.

Yesterday he could actually talk - not well - but was rational.  So for the first time we are hopeful he will make it.  His health will likely be very impacted, however.

Same day the father of a good friend died from Covid.

Stay safe everyone.  And be careful! This too shall pass.

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