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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Russia Stirring Our Poliical Pot

The Russians are still at it. Spreading disinformation and trying to divide Americans. And they are succeeding. I excerpted some of the comments below from the Newsweek article.

'Outrageous': Trump Announcement on Convalescent Plasma Blasted by Scientists 8/24/2020



They are so lazy they can't even bring themselves to actually come up with believable names. They keep using colors in their screen names. They do take the time to choose an image and color to fit their screen title. Clearly fake. And perhaps an inside joke - knowing that many Americans are so slow they don't know or care that the Russians are doing this to the USA.


It is interesting that they argue both sides of the question. Their goal seems to forment dissension among Americans and not so much tilting for one candidate. Stirring our political pot to make us hate each other. Weakens our country. And they are succeeding with very little cost or risk to themselves.

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