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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"Virus over. Acknowledge the truth." - A Friend Sent Me This

"Virus over. Acknowledge the truth."

A friend sent me the graphic above, with the Caption: 

"Virus over. Acknowledge the truth."

The image is from Our World in Data which is an excellent site sponsored by Oxford University. I use if often. The publication's founder is the social historian and development economist Max Roser. The research team is based at the University of Oxford.[2]

This image is very misleading and the added headline make it dangerous misinformation. Our World in Data did not write the header. They may wish to delete this graphic since it is being used to spread disinformation which could result in the death of people who believe it.

Note the text in the header of the graphic, "Note the deaths in recent weeks might be undercounted."

The other images paint a bad picture for the USA and world for Covid-19.


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