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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Events in the Life of a 70 Year Old

YearsEventTotal DiedAnnualized
(to date)Rate
1981-2020HIV Aids675,00017,308
2003-2011Iraq War3,836426
Sep 11, 20019112,9772,977
1955-1975Vietnam War58,2202,911
1950-1953Korean War33,6868,422
for 12 months200,000 firstseven months

The events above impacted the lives of people presently 70 years old. 

For some of Polio was among our first memories when we were very young.  Our wars have been sad events, with Vietnam our a major 

challenge when we turned 18.  HIV AIDS has been with us for 40 

years. 911 was an enormous shock. And Covid-19 has made a very 

major impact in only seven months.


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