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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Deaths Covid-19 - Vietnam

US Deaths from Covid-19 went over the total combat deaths from Vietnam this morning April 23, 2020.

Covid-19  US Deaths  47,681

Vietnam - US Combat Deaths  47,424

The Vietnam War started when we were children.

Deaths occurred over a 20 year period from 1955 to 1975.

The major years were 1966-1971. It seemed to go on forever and was very depressing.

Covid-19 also seems to be going on forever although it started for the US in February of this year.

One event took place when we were very young and the other while we are old.

Personal jeopardy from the first event was for those who served in country. Primarily the young.

Personal jeopardy for the second event is for everyone, especially older people.

Spanish Flu1918-19675,000
World War II1941–45291,557
American Civil War US Disease & Other1861–65250,000
American Civil War US Combat1861–65111,000
American Civil War Confederate Disease1861–65165,000
American Civil War Confederate Combat1861–6595,000
Vietnam War - All - accidents, etc1955–7558,220
World War I1917–1853,402
Covid-19 Deaths Through:Apr 23, 202047,681
Vietnam War - Combat1955–7547,424
Covid-19 Deaths Through:Apr 18, 202037,175
Korean War1950–5333,686
American Revolutionary War1775–838,000
Iraq War2003–20113,836
Covid-19 Deaths Through:Apr 1, 20203,606
911Sep 11, 20012,977
War of 18121812–152,260
War in Afghanistan2001–present1,833
Mexican–American War1846–491,733
First Covid-19 Death in USFeb 29, 20201


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